Sound Samples:

Gear used: '71 Fender Strat + Marshall 1987X + Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker + Shure SM57 Microphone

Two Legendary Tones in One Box

This versatile combination of two different preamp overdrives works best to drive tube amps while retaining sound and tone variety.

The combination of STORMBRINGER and a tuned Tube Screamer produces a biting and penetrating sound, minus any shrill characteristics. In fact, both pedals get along very well with each other.

No flashy features, but this pedal is made to deliver pure sound that remains transparent and expressive even at the maximum gain without producing undesired boomy lows and harsh highs.

The DOUBLE-DEALER is a true all-rounder - it sounds great in front of any amps. You can use this double pedal for all styles of music whether Jazz, Blues, Hard Rock or Metal. When both pedals are activated at the same time you will experience your own Woodstock sound with the spirit of Jimi. It sings, rocks, distorts and harmonizes and produces feedback, yet everything is under your own control.

With the DOUBLE-DEALER you can emulate the sound of Stevie Ray, Robben Ford, Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore or Yngwie Malmsteen with the best possible results without losing its unique, rich sound character.

Another top feature of the DOUBLE-DEALER is the unbelievable dynamics and headroom of both pedals. If you primarily use the volume control on the guitar to play with your sound, this pedal will be your best friend.

The DOUBLE-DEALER is a double booster pedal specially tailored to meet the needs of skilled guitarists.

All the electronic parts are hand selected for their intrinsic sound quality and long-term reliability. Short signal paths guarantee a fast signal processing and the highest dynamics. Uncompromising quality of our circuitry is complemented with high-quality mechanical parts and components.

GuitarSlinger Effects pedals are custom-made products handbuilt by professionals for professionals.


  • Signal processing like best tube amps
  • True Bypass
  • Alpha pots with metal shafts
  • Status LED for battery check
  • Runs on the DC power supply
  • Best selected condenser and resistance
  • Best selected op amps and transistors
  • Heavy duty, well-shielded casing
  • Full control with guitar volume
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Retail Price EUR 345,- (incl. VAT)
  • 2 Year Guarantee

Product Reviews:


Gitarre&Bass - 02/2009
„Auf höchste Bauteil-und Fertigungsqualität legt man besonderen Wert, was der zum Test vorliegende Double Dealer auch klar belegt. Das Pedal reagiert phänomenal auf die Spielweise. Jede gespielte Nuance wird umgesetzt, zu einem dichten, singenden Ton geformt. Das Pedal setzt sich klasse durch, interagiert sehr gut mit dem Volume Poti der Gitarre, und arbeitet filigran und äusserst durchsetzungsfähig. Fett ist das Klangbild, ob man das Pedal nun als reinen Booster oder selbst stark zerrend einsetzt. Ein absolut professioneller Doppel-Booster/Zerrer für anspruchsvolle Gitarristen.“