The wait is finally over! The long-awaited "FIREBALL MKII" is now available.

If you are looking for a well tuned Tube Screamer sound without spending hundreds of dollars, "FIREBALL MKII" is your first choice. This pedal was designed to minimize typical low-frequency signal loss of the regular Tube Screamers and the result is a surprisingly creamy, warm sound great for screaming leads as well as bluesy "SRV" sounds.

100% handmade in Japan "FIREBALL MKII" is ready to take the world by storm! All the electronic parts are hand selected for their intrinsic sound quality and long-term reliability. Short signal paths guarantee a fast signal processing and the highest dynamics. Uncompromising quality of our circuitry is complemented with high-quality mechanical parts and components.

The FIREBALL MKII is a booster specially tailored to meet the needs of matured professional guitarists.

Pre-order the pedal from the Contact page before it's too late!