Musician/Writer Alfie Cruz from Los Angeles delivered an in-depth review of one of our pride and joys STORMBRINGER - High Gain Treble Booster - on his blog called "Analog War Cry".

Here are some quotes from his review:

"Right from the get-go there was no mistaking this was a 100% high quality effects pedal."

"There was one sound in particular that I heard coming from this pedal, Tony Iommi. By setting my amp to a slight gritty overdrive, rolling back my guitar's tone knob, and slamming the gain of the Stormbringer all the way I got the baddest Black Sabbath sound."

"This pedal is able to cut through any mix without sounding like an ice pick, which makes it a perfect pedal for lead or rhythm guitarists."

"What makes this pedal so awesome is it's ability to get both classic treble boost and modern drive settings, something you won't get from just any old treble booster."

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